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             "Outliving The Scars On My Back"
Every person need to see this show.  It should be   made into a movie.   - JUSTIN   
Wow you were awesome!   I didn't know you were that talented.   I can see you working with Mr. Tyler Perry in the near future.  -  BARBARA
I was so moved by this piece.
You are wonderful!  -   LOUISE 
Congratulations Paris!  You have truly an awesome show!   -   RC
So glad I didn't miss this show; you had me in tears one moment, then laughing the next. Amazing story. Thank you for sharing Paris. - JAZZ
What a great performance!  -  HUGO A
Super show!  When are you going to
Broadway?  -  CORINE
It is wonderful to witness such brave expression of self.  -  DR. NEER
Always exceeding expectations!  You are surely star quality.  - SHANA
You go girl! I am so impressed!
Great job!   -  CHANNING
Wow! We love you.  You were wonderful.  -  KEVIN

I am proud to know you. Thank you for an inspiring story.    -  FEE 
Thank you for sharing your story with us in our theatre  -  WENDY  
When I grow up, I want to be just like 
you!  -   FELICIA
Great storytelling thank you for sharing your life with us.   I saw myself clearly - Sharon
Can't believe the torture we go through for beauty.  You were on point; so real.   I felt what you were speaking.  Thanks  for sharing reality.  -  Deb
Very moving, extraordinary.  Keep up the good work. 

I'm surprised you can stand under the weight of your tremendous talent!  -  TISHANA
May God continue to bless you. Thank God for breakthrough!  -  FARLAND
Paris your gift, your honesty OMG. 
Thank  you.  -   JENNIFER


I am so happy you were free to share this information, awesome talent!  -  TASHANA
Hope you know this, you are going to
succeed!   -  BERT
Had no idea you were that funny 
and serious. - LYNDA


Paris Davis Dean D.A.M.P Media

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