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                              HOW AND WHY I  STARTED 
  Elegant Apron Cleaning Service

I was visiting my family in St. Louis, MO,  June  2012 when my younger sister Cynthia was having a "Girls Night Out," with friends from the old neighborhood.  I had just arrived in St. Louis that same day; while she was entertaining her comppany, I asked her if  I could try and get the few spots up off the carpet since I was sitting and watching.  She didn't turn it down. 


I went into my sister’s kitchen, got a mop out of her utilities cabinet, ran a hot bucket of water, poured some dishwashing detergent along with some “All Purpose Lemon Pine Soil”,  wich is one of my favorite cleaning products,  and started mopping her carpet as if I was mopping the floor.  I used the ball of the damp mop to rub gently across the stains a few times until the spots were gone.  About 45 minutes later, you would have never thought it was the same carpet. I mopped her entire carpet.  The look on those women faces I will never forget. They were in awe!  It takes time and not to many people will mop a carpet, nor think about it. It's easier to call a carpet cleaner, or simply rent one. What I did for my sister was cheaper and a lot of more work.  I thought about the look on those women faces when I left St. Louis that particular day. The benefits of cleaning a home is amazing.  First of all, it's my personal gym.  You can actually lose weight cleaning a house. Maybe not one, but throughout the week, you will get some type of work out.  It's one way to stay in shape with all of that movement. Also, it's a service that is always needed for those who can't or don't have time to clean themselves.   Being "Independent" is excellent, you have your own free time, make your own hours with flexiblility.   Last but not's  "therapeutic" while making a few dollars.  But most people do not see all the benefits. Most feel  cleaning homes is beneath them.  That's another story. It's not for everybody.   For a long time, I have been supporting friends in cleaning their place for special occasions.  But I would have never thought of creating a business out of it. It’s been a life changing experience for me.  I treat every single home as if it was my home, whether the person is rich, or on a fixed income. 

I enjoy the fact of making other people happy, when I am able to get their house in some order.  There is nothing like the look, the feel, and smell of a clean home.  

WARNING:  Do not try this technique of mopping your carpet unless you know what you are doing.  Please call a professional when uncertain.



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