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My first chop

I perceived beauty and personal value, shaped by the popular culture of my era, namely television, magazines, radio, and the incredible influence of my peers. I was a servant of media bombardment and cultural stereotypes, that have so influenced my definition of beauty without question.  I suffered from the inability to evaluate my self-worth, unless I was living up to how people thought I should look. It was an image I believed in since childhood. In the process of researching the origins of my own motivations, beliefs, and their negative impact on my life, I've become more comfortable in my own skin, and more responsible for obstacles life brings. Going natural was a slow process, along with a struggle. Once my thought process changed, I was able to change.  I love the idea that I was able to do a lot with my hair, however, I couldn't see pass anything, but wearing my hair straight.  I was in a mindset of hating my natural self.


Wether I wear my hair straight, wavey, wigged, weaved, braided, bald or curly, it's my choice, it's my journey.  


My mission with this story, is to encourage other young girls and women to find their own empowerment.   It is my honor to share with all who come to see "Outliving The Scars On My Back".  Changing lives, by changing minds. 


Paris Davis Dean D.A.M.P Media

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