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I've gotten calls to do voice overs more than once. The first time I got a call, I was asked to do a voice over for my friend's answering machine. The second time he called, he wanted me to do a voice-over for his business. The third time he called, he wanted me to do a voice-over for his movie. It didn't dawn on me that I could use my voice specifically to make money in many ways like this. He would have had to pay a lot of money for those times I did those voice overs. It's a part of acting also since I am an actress it all goes together; but for some reason, I always felt my voice sounded to deep". I did the voice over for him, because he was a friend, but never thought I could make money with it. I didn't like the sound of my voice. One morning, I had a girlfriend to call me up and ask could I do a voice-over for her documentary, "The Million Man March - The Untold Story". I was always uncomfortable using my voice growing up because of the heavy tone coming from my throat, therefore, I would keep quiet as much as possible. When my friend Angie a graduate from Howard University called me, I didn't want to do the documentary because I didn't feel qualified to do it; but she insisted and that I was the only person that she could think of. It's in the works, because I did the voice over in my little home studio. I now realize my voice is a gift from our Creature God.

The kicker was when my my younger brother called and said:, " hey sis...I simply need to hear your voice right now before I do something crazy! He was going through his own trials and tribulations. After I talked with him for about fifteen minutes, he was A-OKAY. I wrtoe the poem "What Are You Doing" off my CD Album You, Me, Us, We specifally for him one day. He was joking and laughing when I hung up the phone.

When I started writing poetry, I was asked by many individuals this one quesiton; "When are you going to put those poems in audio, I would like to hear it in audio.

One day, I decided to take the poetry that I had written, and I went into the "Private Island Studio" where many who are in the business of doing Film, TV, and Vocie-Overs. I am happy to say, I completed my first published book of poetry in Audio on my birthday November 14th, this year 2013. And that's how I found I had this one talent. People asking me to use my voice for their projects. "You, Me, Us, We, (Thinking Out Loud Poetry to Invoke Change).


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