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Time is everything, not to be wasted. I need all of my 24/7. With work, classes, family, cooking, and cleaning, I cheat anyway I can. When I take a hot showers in the morning, or evenings, mostly in the mornings, I stretch my muscles to help with flexiblity, while putting on makeup, massaging my skin, or doing my toe nails; I will find a way to stretch as much as I can, as a dancer, those 15 minutes sure do make a difference. I did not start taking dance classes at the age of three. Therefore, I feel like I'm playing catch up. It's a challenge and it's fun. Since I am still breathing and I can still move, I do what I can to make it happen. I still get my groove on. It's what I enjoy, it's what makes me happy. There are some great teachers, and coaches, who will tell dancers to stretch at least 1 hour or more a day to help them with flexibility for example in the "Best Auditions So You Think You Can Dance".

The majority of the best dancers stretch. Warming the body, and stretching is key, in helping the body to have better flexiblity. This is simply one way, I stretch outside the norm, and there are many more. DISCLAIMER: WARNING: Do not try this if you do not know your body.

You must be responsible for your own body, no one else really is. Take care of it, by listening to it.


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