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I get things done by first taking things into my own hand, it's the only way for sure I know I will stand. I know me better than anyone else. And that's by having the confidence of getting some things accomplished. When you see the vision, it's real and nobody can steal it from your mind. It takes time, and much work by getting your own hands into the dirt. And if you don't do it, who else can you depend on but your self, and the grace of God. You MUST stick your hands and your heart down into that dirt, no matter how much it hurts. Taking the good with the bad bumps along the road; and if not, you may find yourself waiting for someone else to knock on your door for a long time. That knock may never come, so why wait on those to give you what you can do yourself. It will take some strategic thinking, and working it. Do what's in your own heart. It's put there for a reason. Why hang on to it instead of keeping it inside your head. Does no one any good.

So this is that dirty side, unpacking stuff, taking rentals back and etc. But It's all good. No make-up, nor glitter. Don't you just love it. The real side is having a TEAM, and delegating the work in what you need. That's for real.



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