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My Inner Dancer, was written for a youung girl at Santa Monica College, who was going through some trials and tribulations. The young girl stopped dancing for a few days in class engulfed in sadness because her grandmother lay ill in the hospital; therefore she had lost the desire to take her classes. She didn't feel up to it thinking about her grandmother. After hearing her story, this poem was originated; and although this video talks about dance, anyone from lawyers, doctors, teachers, plumbers or what ever desire, or dream that a person has, this video is inspiring for all. It's to uplift, to motivate anyone who hears it to dream, and dream big no matter who you are or where you are in this life. We all have some gift that GOD has given each and every one of us. We must tap into the reality of what is making us want to do a certain thing. What is that thing that makes us tick. Because it's already in the DNA. There is an INSTINCT that we are naturally attracted to do a certain thing, and we can do it better than others if we simply have faith in that thing that stays in our heart on a daily basis. The book "Instinct" by Bishop T.D. Jakes is a great book that explains exactly what I am talking about here.


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