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Thought You Were Gonna Be A Dancer

Today is Sept 14th, my grandmother's 90th birthday; interesting my birthday is on a 14th day of November. My grandmother was a selfless woman. She has helped so many people throughout her lifetime. One day I was speaking to her over the phone about 4 years ago. The conversation went something like this. Grandma, what did you think I'd grow up doing? She said, "I thought you'd be a dancer child, a dancer gull", I kin see ya dancin up there to sole out room gull"! She's from Mississippi for sure. Her words echoed in my left ear and it brought me to tears. I didn't go to Howard University to dance, I was one of the worst when it came to learning technique in Adrian Vincent James dance class at HU. I had no patience. I took the requirements at HU and jetted out of HU with the quickncess. Learning technique in dance was not my focus at the time because of so many things clouding my mind. I've been dancing since the day I was born. Life is amazing how things turn around. I will be with the U-JAH-ZEE DANCE ENSEMBLE performing at the Passion Grace & Fire Dance Ensemble Showcase on this day September 14th and It is sold out! My grandma said it, and it's happening. It's gonna be a magical evening. I'm dancing for you today grandma and I thank you. I also want to thank Ujazi Calomée for pulling me to the side and speaking words of encouragement. She looked me in my eyes one day and said..."you got something there, now let me tell you what you should do". Always honored the day she called asking me to join The U-JAH-ZEE Dance Ensemble under her coaching. She's an awesome lady. That's another story. If you're someone with passion for dance, you must know that's your purpose if it burns inside. Never be afraid of what's living on the inside of you. Never put your true gift to the side no matter who frowns on it, because it's yours. Go for what you truly feel. That's your gift from GOD and that's real. Happy Birthday grandma. I love you dearly. Peace and blessings.


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