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How I Cheat Stretching My Muscles

My 8 year old niece asked me one day, "auntie how do you get to be flexible like you are"? I told her, that I cheat and stretch when I do my nails, while watching the television, while putting on makeup, or standing in line at the bank. If I am in public, I am subtle with my stretching. II don't want to make people feel uncomfortable, because there is a time and place for this type of thing. I usually wear something comfortable to stretch in most of the time. This is not a full out stretch, in the image located to the right; It's a smaller stretch, but for me, it's better than doing nothing at all.

I put everything on the floor in reach, that I need in order to do my finger nails. I wash my hands, get my napkins, polish remover, finger nail file, and etc. I warm up my body by doing 100 jumping jacks in place, so that I will not pull a muscle that's number one. After warming my body with 100 jumping jacks, I sit down on the floor and do my nails. I stretch the right leg first for about ten minutes, then I stretch the left leg for about 10 minutes. I have to sit in patience until both hands are dry anyway. I sit for at least 15 minutes. I will put all my things away, once my nails are fully dry with "nail dry", then I am ready and motivated to do a complete full out stretch that takes me one hour. A simple example of how I cheat when it comes to stretching my body.



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