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 Children’s Story

    Marilyn Stevenson

  Narrator - Paris Dean
  Michael Dean - VO

Taraji P. Henson,

Rosemarie Coleman Smith,

Paris Davis Dean &

Carlyncia Peck at:


College of Fine Arts  

(49 Min. + 49 Seconds


Depending on your computer system, double click twice on the video to make large if you prefer, it should take you straight to the YOUTUBE channel. 


       Hair Poem

    Outliving The Scars

          On My Back


  From the One Woman  Show            "Outliving The Scars

               On My Back"

  This is a re-written poem

After being on the movie set of

  “Training Day”as an EXTRA. There was a time, I did not appreciate my own hair, sad to say, but true.  Took a while before finding my own voice and being true to who I really am. 

     Click  arrow to hear poem.

Storytime:   Mind To The  Grind

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