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Today is Tuesday August 25th 2015, I decided to create this "Who Fault Is It" page not only for myself, but also for anyone needing words of encouragement. I realize I have to talk to myself, into taking ACTION to get things done.  Writing things down is powerful; it helps.  We all need a push to get motivated, or to stay motivated.  It's about tramsforming the mind for positive results. I may write a line, a quote, or a paragraph on Monday's. Thank you for stopping by. 

When you don't PREPARE, put in the effort, what do you get? Answer that one for your self; because no one is going to do it for you. Nothing is FREE. 


April 18th 2016

            Dont tell me how hard you work.  Tell me how much you get done.

-James Ling 


March 21st 2015

Everything starts with a thought first.  I was talking with a few of my family members and friends on the midwest who was trying to stop smoking. Addiction is no joke, but everyone is different when it comes to letting go of the habit.  I know two people who stop smoking; one is my aunt Cora who said one day..."I will never let another cigarette pass my lips after this day"? She meant it, becuse she never did smoke again. It's been over 20 something years since that day she smoked a cigarette.  A friend I went to college with; I never knew she smoked until one day she said..."I am going to go behind this building and take a smoke on this cigarette, but it will be the last one".   My husband, different story...asked me one day; "why is my Life Insurance so high, while looking at the bill payment"?  I said.."it's because of those cigarettes you smoke that's why it's so high, don't you remember the day we signed the papers"?  It was like he was in denial of the entire situation back then until he looked at the bill, that's when reality kicked in for him. He quit smoking that same day. It's been over 10 years since he stop smoking, and we got that insurance bill down much lower.   I couldn't believe he never purchased another pack since that day. His addiction started from when he was a child, his parent worked at a cigarette factory and brought them home. I realized then, the power of the mind comes down to simpy making a choice and sticking with that choice.  You'll find that the help you need is within your own spirit. You will quit or keep that war going on. It's about making a DECISION.  When you want something to happen, you'll do something about it. Everything else is an EXCUSE no matter what the addiction is.  Help is all around; and that help starts with YOU first.  However... it's their journey, it's thier life, it's their choice. Hanging with people that do certain things will get you in a world of trouble, or help you to rise up, and flourish. Stay with those who help you to rise, or stay with those who help you fall. People you wake up with, your children, or parents.  Regardless of the circumstances, you must find your own way mentally and spiritually eventually, by talking to your self, and GOD. Think about the five people you hang around with; take a look at them, then take a good look at yourself and your habits.  Most likely you'll have the same type of habits that your friends have.  Not all the time, but most of the time.   


March 14th 2016


Whatever you entertain inside your mind is what you'll find.  Let me put it this way...the pictures in your mind will manifest eventually.  As A Man Or Woman Thinketh, So Shall It Be.  Write some words down somewhere, in a book that you would like to see manifest and watch it play out someday.  The people, things, and places will show up.  It may happen instantly, next week, next month, or in the next hour depending on what that thing is. It's magical, and it's more beautiful when you understand how this works. It's common sense that you must get up and do something. For example...becoming a "Ballet Dancer" overnight would be a miracle, however...with some serious years of training and where your thought patterns are, you can make it happen if you really, truely have the DESIRE.   It's kind of sad when people don't realize the power of their thoughts, words, and actions LINKED together.  What are you manifesting with your thoughts, your words, and your actions?   Oh, and by the way....the ACTION behind the words is one of the most crucial parts.    ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. These words is simply therapy for myself, because nobody will hold your hand through this life better than yourself; and tell you to get up off your tail and do this or that today. Speaking from experience.  


March 7th 2016

When you get sick and tired of (WHATEVER); you'll change, but it's only when you really get tired of doing the same old thing. It could be leaving that job you hate, or letting go of toxic relationships, or sitting on a story you know you should write.  Changing your attitude will attract different people that may come into your life that are in tune with what you do.   But you'll have to get up off your (Arce) and WORK as simple as that. Talking to myself.  Nobody will hold your hand better than you hold your own.  You best be in the forefront leading, telling, and asking people what you need and want. We design of our own lives, nobody else does.  With that said, I want to thank each and every one of you that came out to the Los Angeles Third Church For Spiritual Living on Saturday March 5th, at my One Woman Show..."Outliving The Scars On My Back".  For those who wanted to come to the show, but could not make it...we hope to see you next time.    Peace and blessings to each and everyone of you. Will see you all next time.   Thanks again


February 7th 2016

In getting any job done, you must have these things:

First - You must have the PASSION or the DESIRE in starting the project, because if you don't have that in your spirit, you will not get the job done.  You're gonna eventually drop the ball. 


The second thing that I noticed about myself is that I don't have to have anyone to tell me to do my job because it's already in my spirit to do it; however...I must have FOCUS.  I can have all the PASSION and Desire in the world, but if I got the TV on and watching it, my cell phone open to any calls and anything else that will cause me to have a distraction, I've already lost.  Other ARTIST understand exactly where I'm coming from.  We're in a constant flow of preparing, and practiceing, wether it's singing, dancing, drawing, acting whatever the ARTIST does. Last but not least, paying attention to DETAIL of what you're working on is a MUST. This is what I've learned along my journey from the different coaches, and teachers. You never stop learning. 

Feb 22nd 2016

When a child is young and growing, they remember their mother's and father's touch. They remember if they were around or not.  Simply being a part of their life is all they want. There are many who miss that because we're all growing; and some don't take parenting serious or the human body serious. It's recreational sex FIRST for many, not for PROCREATION at all. But for those who truely love and want children, it could be a beautiful thing.  Hopefully it's not to late for those who can hear. Many of us are going through some of the same things.  My father was never in my life, so I can comprehend with others who have been  raised by a single mother. Every person situation may differ. Some are raised by their dads.  I myself was bitter, but I never had hate in my heart because he wasn't their. I simply could not understand. It was painful for me; and I know it's painful for many other children going through the same. 


I met a young lady who was telling me how much she hates her parents, mother and father she told me.  She's not the first one; and that's sad, but that's the reality. I can't heal anyone but myself; however... what I can do, is write what I feel about the situation in poetry.  For some reason it comes out of my soul in a way that is easier for me in explaining the best way I know how. This individual vented to me some years ago how her mom and dad was never at home; and they partied all night all the time; and they did lots of drinking and drugs. Eventually her brothers and sisters ended up in a "Children's Home". Back and forth they were being bounced off to these different "Children Homes", which broke up the family. I wrote this poem specifically for this one particular person as well as for myself concerning not ever knowing my dad. I was informed that the poem made made her think differently about the situation. She told me she felt a little more peaceful after thinking of what I had written in this poem I named it "Letting Go".  


Feb 15th 2016

I must say I've come a long way of not really caring what another person thinks of my hair. The straight hair obsession is gone.  The natural haircut to the left was the day I told lthe barber to cut it all off. I cringed when he cut it. When I looked in the mirror,  I loved it.  I had people to down me because I had a lot of hair. That's a NO-NO to cut all your hair off, especially in the black community of were I come from.   After looking back over my past, and looking at what I've been faced with from since I was a child...I truly understand how the brainwashing had numb me into thinking straight hair is the only beautiful hair. I have my other obssesions who doesn't.  It's not wishing I had that straight hair, and thank GOD! I may wear it straight when I feel like it, but it's no longer a MUST. Also the hair comb that most black woman use is not made for our hair.  That scar was so deep, and I do understand why many will not go natural or even think of it.  We all like what we like, regardless of what others may think.  You must do you, the end of the day, most black woman have gone through some of the same things in our homes of that hot straightening comb, and the ear burning moments of our mothers, aunts or somebody pressing our hair to get it straight.    However...if something is put in front of you for so long, you're most likely, going to be conditioned.  I understand the brothers also.  If people would read and look at the images closer, they would be able to see what has been done to us in this society.  Like I say in my play..."Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", "Betty Crocker", and "June Cleaver", is what was in front of me as the babysitter, the "Tel-lie-Vison".  Those unfamiliar faces were my role models as a child. Yes, I do understand and I am Outliving Those Scars.   The great thing about black hair, is the versatility. I can wear it in many styles.  I prefer it natural now.  I have to feel like wearing it straight. But it's no longer my number one fantasy, or a must have the way it use to be.  I have awaken. 


FEB 8th 2016

When there is someone you can talk to; resonate with it's a great thing. However; sometimes we change, our feelings change for each other and that's okay.  


Feb 1st 2016

You must say to yourself: 

"I believe it."

"I accept it."

"I expect it."


God (FORCE) say yes to me now.



Feb. 25th 2016


You cannot control a grown man or woman in his or her thinking who is doing something you feel is wrong or immoral. We're all coming from different places in our mindset. Karma is no joke. I'm talking about family members who will date your ex. For example, your mother who would date your ex boyfriend, or your sister, cousin, best friend, or neice, who with no problem will date an ex; or even marry. Some people don't care and have no self respect for themselves or the family member. That's how some people roll;  ugly and nasty in my opinion. 


January 17th 2016

We are getting mental pictures and words from all around us from our first breath; gaining information daily from whoever is in front of us. Some of us follow people for a long time getting habits and ideas, while never tapping into our own creativity. As we mature we must learn to rearrange our lives by throwing out what we've been taught, while keeping some of what we need. Some people have to throw everything out they'eve gotten from certain people and start with a new. (A new you). We're forced fed as youngsters; however...we must understand, we don't have to carry around other people's thoughts, when we desire the opposite of what we've learned.   The Universe is not prejudice towards what's in your mind, wether it's good or bad, it's bringing your thinking INTO REALITY.  We must be careful of what we think about all the time.  Some people know better, but stay where they are because of HABIT.   Your mind takes you through your own life.


 I heard someone close by me saying this week, 

"Im so sick", "I'm so sick", "I'm so sick", sounding like a broken record.  This indiviual does not understand the law and power of their words obviously.  I told this individual, but didn't believe me; while flowing those words off the tongue.   In order to get to some peace, those words coming out of this individual mouth needs to change to speaking something like..."I'm healthy and feeling great" in order to get to wholeness. Many are out there in that same mentality.  We stick our own foot in our own mouth, and stop it up with garbage.  That foot stays stuck in the same rut.  You may feel sick, but why blast it out into the Universe to bring on more sickness?   We have to clean our own garbage out, and that's our MOUTH.  There is no way I'll keep telling the Universe I'm sick, so that it keeps sending it back to me.  Then we wonder why we keep getting the same things. We speak, we see it, then keep it. Each of us are where we belong by our own consciousness. We have to be mindful of how we grip onto certain words like a pitbull. Because they are powerful.  They follow you, they DESIGN you, they are you. Simply my opinion from experience. 



January 11th 2016



You can't make another person leave their TOXIC relationship.  That individual must come into loving themselves before they can learn to let go of the stress, and the mess, they are living in.

Take care of yourself first, by simply being a good example because believe me, people are watching.   You can't save that sister or friend from her abusive relationship.When that individual get sick and tired of getting beat down, and walked all over, they will change thier life by changing their thought process. Nobody can do that for them.  


JANUARY 4th 2015



Do your friends have anything in common, or at least have similiar values? Whatever type of business you have with those you hang with plays a big part of your rising or falling.  You're not going to  resonate with everybody, and that's okay.  Go with those who welcomes you, and accepts you for who you really are, don't worry about the rest.    If your friends smoke, drink, get high, you will most likely do the same. We all influence each other in some kind of way with our habits and attitude. The people you hang with, are either pulling you up, or dragging you down. Know your TEAM PLAYERS, there is no in between.  I recieved a phone call from someone intoxicated, however...I noticed everytime this individual call me, they were drunk, or high off of something. "What Are You Doing To Yourself"; "I can tell you've been drinking, haven't you"?  I asked one evening after getting the phone call. They told me it was none of my business concerning their drinking.   I said..."do not call me anymore unless you're sober, go get some help"! I meant that.   I wrote this poem immediately after this person hung up on me. I use the word (they) to protect the person's privacy.  


Dec. 14th 2015


The Universe brings us what we need. It may not be as quickly as we want it to.   We can only see those things when we become open to the reality of knowing we are not in control of everything. I believe when we are young in mind, we don't think, and that's how we get into a lot of trouble. Once we know in our heart there is that something larger than life itself, that guides us in every way. then we can begin to live. 


DECEMBER 21st. 2015


Get FOCUSED on your true talents and strengths, your natural unique skills.  What can you do better than others? Watch people who you admire.  Ask your friends, and families what are you good at doing.  Flow with your gift.  Be about it, and not just talk about it.  Im inspired to write from most phone conversations.  I got this call one day from someone that complained for about 30 minutes. Simply complaining about what they didn't have.  I thought about myself because whenever I write a poem, every once in awhile, I am often writing about my ownself in some ways.  Although it was inspired from this specific phone call, it hit a nerve within my own spirit.  

 Dec. 7th 2015


We all have a gift or gifts on the inside of us. I got sick a few years back and couldn't speak for two weeks.   When I had awaken, I was amazed what flowed out of me. I didn't take poetry that serious until after my illness.  What's your gift?  Click the yellow button to hear the poetry story. 



Nov. 23rd 2015


Love this EMAIL I got on my FB page this week; I'll paraphrase. "Hello FB family and friends.  I have been in Hollywood for at least 20 years now WAITING to get in someone's film; but the phone barely rings. I'm either to this, or to that for what they're seeking.  I asked myself one day: "Why am I waiting vs creating something where I'd have control".


This young lady eventually enrolled in film school and graduated.  She is now working on her own films with her husband.  This was such an inspiring story.  I had to take a deep long look in the MIRROR at myself after reading that post.

Are you waiting, procrastinating about that one thing to happen in your life? It may not be pertaining to the entertainment field, but whatever that idea, that thing may be; why wait?  When will the TIME come for you to do something about it? I myself...pulled CONFIDANCE from another area of my soul after reading that post.   CLOCK TIME does not wait.   I myself...can always give more, and do more. 

Nov. 16th 2015




There have been times I've lost it, mad at the world when I feel someone has gotten on my last nerve.   None of us are perfect, but I realize as we get older, we should be able to control our anger through prayer and meditation. As soon as you change the story or picture inside your head, your emotions change also.  I've learned to do that and it's not an easy thing to do. We can actually CONTROL the mess that comes out of us, however...when young in mind, we don't think; anything goes.  Haven't lived enough to calm down. Everybody and everything gets on your nerve so you think. 


I've learned also that many individuals are mentally ill, and you may be  argueing and fighting with a sick person.  Many times their not BALANCED.  They're nice one minute, and will bite your head off the next.  We're all sick to some degree. Just take a look around at those you know, next door, down the street, in your home; then take a look at yourself. Getting mad over nonsense. Life is to shart for that crap. 

*Monday November 9th 2015

We must stop the chitter chatter and decide to design our own lives.  We must be bold to step into the light, with our God instincts.  Those outside sources will distract us every single day.  Many are ignorant to the spirit; or afraid.  We must turn off the telephone, the television and focus on what we desire within our own spirit. It's that thing, that wants to come forth.  But we must get aligned with the Divine in order to move forward.   That's the light that's within all of us if we'd only get quiet from all the distraction so we can really hear; talking to myself. 

*Monday November 2nd 2015

My mother transitioned back in June 15, 1980. My grandmother transitioned October 9th 2015. Their blood runs through me. Both have passed the baton.  It's a definate I must use the gifts GOD has given me to continue on, and live my best life for others.   We all have some one we can look up to, wether they are a family member or not.   Who has passed the baton to you so you can finish your race?

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